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Customer feedback is an important part of our business. It helps new customers gain trust in doing business with us and the feedback we receive helps us to continually improve. If we have already had the pleasure of doing business with you, please take the time to fill out our review form to share your feedback!

  • "As usual fabulous service on a recent water softener purchase. We have been dealing with Aquamart for 17 years give or take, and have always received prompt, knowledgeable and friendly service. Cameron is a pleasure to work with, he knows his stuff and not only recommended and replaced our softener (which we also purchased from Aquamart with no complaints) but also solved our water hammer issue, through one of their standard checks, which 4 plumbers and 7 years couldn't do. Very, very happy, repeat customers! Highly recommended!"

    Karen & Ron N

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  • "We are so very pleased with our water softener and the associated service provided to us by the staff of Aquamart. Since we met Cameron over three years ago, he has gone above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. All staff are knowledgeable and friendly and have consistently been responsive to our needs. Thank you to the team at Aquamart! David and Lynn Mark"

    David and Lynn Mark

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  • "The BEST service ever received in the store and at home. Most retail and other service providers should take lessons from this group."

    G. McC.

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  • "MY FIRST SERVICE CALL: A couple years ago after much online investigation and multiple talks with Jack from Aquamart I decided to have them install a Kinetico water softener. I love the product and I would recommend it to anyone! Now anyone that has purchased anything we all know that the quality and professionalism is only truly tested when you have a problem and you need service or repair. Aquamart as a company was amazing! My first service call experience was exactly how customer service should be! Please continue reading as I go into details of what happened. From the first lady that answered the phone (sorry I didn't remember her name) on a Friday at 4:55pm and spent time helping troubleshoot my problem, all the way around to Jack that actually came to fix my problem! The first pleasant surprise was how much that wonderful lady knew as the first point of contact and that she was able to walk me through some tests and questions to make sure I needed a technician and couldn't fix it on my own. After we had determined I truly was in a pickle I couldn't get myself out of we scheduled a technician to come and fix it for me. Before that tech could come I got a call from Jack with more questions and an idea as to what my problem was. He asked if he could come instead of the tech because he was sure that the problem was with the salt I was using. He told me a couple things to do to prepare for his arrival which I gladly did. He arrived the next day exactly when he said he would and got to work. Turned out he was 100% correct about the salt issue however it had taken me a while to realize the problem and the issue snowballed into the entire head of the softener was all gummed up by calcium buildup because it wasn't working properly. Jack spent 1/2 a day cleaning and greasing to get my system back up and running. He was a wealth of information about the other filters I had running that were installed by other companies BEFORE I found Aquamart. I picked his brain while he worked and he was more than happy to help. He spent almost as much time explaining everything about my system then he did fixing it. I learned so much about how it operates, what to do if it isn't, what to look out for and best practices. Such a great experience I could not say enough good things about this company or the people that work there!"

    Shawn Taulien

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  • "This company is great to do business with. The salesman was precise and knowledgeable. He arrived on time and set us up with the best product for us. The installers were amazing! Arrived on time, were professional and polite. They did the job in the estimated time and cleaned the work area completely. We would be happy to recommend them to anyone."

    Linda Willis

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  • "Stupendous service from Jack Moore. Over the top help and solution solving guy. We are ( I think you can tell) totally happy with this business. Thank you Jack."

    Arlene & Michael McGinn

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  • "Jack and his team are top notch professionals. We had a couple challenges post installation and Jack personally ensured all was taken care of. Great Job...would recommend highly!"

    Ryan Shorten

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  • "In the 1990's business was all about Total Quality Management and the Customer Experience. Since then, it eroded to a bottom line focus, squeezing nickel and dimes out of customers and staff. About a year and a half ago, I needed a solution to my hard water issue in my condo on the waterfront. I shopped around. Only Aquamart was interested and able to help. They installed a water softener that fits inside the counter cabinet in my master bathroom. It is a wonderful reality that Aquamart's people are special. They have retained the 1990's concepts of great customer service, or simply developed them on their own. Their sense of caring, a rarity in business these days, is apparent every time I interact with them. The interesting thing is, all of the people at Aquamart seem to share these same values, a testament to whomever does the recruiting! I am truly blown away! To anyone considering them, I am confident you will be treated with respect and they will make sure you are a happy customer. I certainly am."

    John Becevello

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  • "I wanted to pass on my thanks to Cameron and Mark who installed our new water softener. They were efficient, friendly, very knowledgeable and respectful. You have a couple fine employees within your company."

    David Mills

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  • "Great service and products"

    John Vos

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  • "The staff are friendly and fabulous, its like they're family, I've been going there for so many years, very helpful and polite. I love my visits to the store."

    Brandy Pringle

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  • "We've been Aquamart Barrie customers for several years for both water softener and reverse osmosis water filter. The quality of the products and service are exemplary. They stand behind their products. Thanks to Mark and Cameron for excellent service."

    Bob Kennedy

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  • "Very helpful and informative staff."

    Paul Mendes

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  • "Very helpful and knowledgeable."

    Todd Robinson

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  • "I've been buying water for years. Very good, clean and good tasting water for a fair price."

    James Dextr

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  • "Very friendly, patient, and customer focused. Will go back for anything water-system related."

    Mitch Dellandrea

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  • "Friendly knowledgeable staff and great service. Reliable water solutions"

    Donald Hubel

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  • "Great service, friendly and always helpful staff. Great tasting water."

    Rims Basketball

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  • "My husband Doug briscoe booked this company to repair our water softener, service was quick clean and efficient, service technician was knowledgeable and informative. Highly recommended"

    Sylvia Styling

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