AquaMaster AMS950

The 950 is an all-in-one cabinet model that also removes chlorine. It's extremely efficient, using the least amount of water & salt for an electronic unit.

Hydrotech HT765

The HT765 is our best selling economy system that features both electronic and mechanical operation.

Kinetico 2040S OD (Premier Series)

This unit is non-electric and twin tank; it also offers "overdrive" technology for maximum flow rates. It has an industry-wide outstanding warranty!

Kinetico Gold (Essential Series)

The 'Essential Series' boasts non-electric operation in a single tank unit. The 'Gold' is incredibly compact at only 12"x18"x24", great for condos!

Kinetico Signature 735 (Signature Series)

The 'Signature 735' is a non-electric, twin tank unit and is modelled after the original 1977 series. It is time-tested quality and efficiency!

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