Specialty Solutions

We offer the most reliable, effective and efficient non-electric water softeners, saltless water systems, drinking water systems and filters available; we encourage you to compare us to other water treatment companies and options.

We will conduct a free water test so you can fully understand the water issues in your home, and they'll recommend solutions tailored to your family, your home and your budget.


Aerator is typically installed as one element in a whole-home water treatment system.​​

Arsenic Guard

If you're faced with arsenic in your water, you want a hassle-free solution you can rely on to remove this deadly poison. You can count on Arsenic Guard

Calcite Backwashing Filter

Our dual-tank filter addresses problems associated with acidic water (blue-green stains on copper fixtures or pipes, or in tubs and sinks) by using calcite

Carbon Backwashing Filter

The Carbon Backwashing Filter refreshes water by removing chlorine, taste and odor.

Chloramine Reduction System (CRS)

An increasing number of water treatment plants are using chloramine, instead of chlorine, to disinfect water.


Our single-tank unit is a simple solution for whole-home chlorine removal.

Macrolite Backwashing Filter

The MacroliteŽ Backwashing Filter reduces certain forms of iron, sediment, particulate matter and turbidity down to negligible levels.


A simple, single-tank option for neutralizing the pH of your water, helping to eliminate the problems associated with acidic water.

Powerline PRO Series

Protect appliances, fixtures and clothing from iron staining, and eliminate the rotten-egg odor caused by hydrogen sulfide gas in your water.

Scale Reduction System (SRS)

The salt free Kinetico Scale Reduction System (SRS) uses proven science to help prevent scale buildup where it can do the most harm.

Sulfur Guard Backwashing Filter

Sulfur Guard filters provide a turnkey remedy for handling foul-smelling "rotten egg" water.

Whole-House RO Membrane System

A whole-house reverse osmosis system is an option when you have multiple water issues and you need high quality water throughout your home.

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